International private label manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The decision to purchase a certain amount of articles in relationship with the price is up to you. For smaller order quantities you have to allow for higher prices per article.

No, not necessarily. VO Wear can buy fabrics and supplies based on your specifications. Fabrics that we cannot purchase or produce in Vietnam, will be imported from neighboring countries.

No. VO Wear is a trading firm and our team is responsible for the complete production process. We commission several specialized production facilities, so that we can produce a large variety of articles.

Yes, but this depends on your wishes. VO Wear examines for each inquiry if the accessories could be produced or bought in Vietnam.

Yes, VO Wear offers a retail packaging service. We design and produce packaging with a brand name and company logo. This service can also manufactures retail displays.

Since VO Wear produces garments on demand, we request an initial payment. For the production of a sample we charge a fixed fee per order. This fee will be deducted when the article is taken into production.

All garments are produced in Vietnam in several production facilities. This depends on the clothing design.

VO Wear examines the quality of your garments on the location of the production facility. In case you receive an article with a manufacturing fault in spite of this, you can send it to our office in the Netherlands. After inspection VO Wear will refund the article.

The delivery times depend on the clothing design and the size of the order. VO Wear aims at fast delivery and makes use of an extensive network of production facilities to do so. There is no delay: your order is taken into production immediately. The production phase takes an average of four weeks.